Interview with Noble Brewer’s Founder Claude Burns

In Oakland, a new company has started a subscription service that allows craft beer enthusiasts to sample award winning homebrewer recipes a [...]

Boulder Creek Brewery launches Kickstarter Campaign to rebuild after Fire (Update: Postponed)

    Update: They have temporarily cancelled their Kickstarter.   On the morning of March 29, a two alarm fire broke out at Bo [...]

Win $220 worth of beer for $1 from Noble Brewer

Based in Oakland, California, Noble Brewer is a company that takes Home Brewer’s award winning beers and make them available by mail m [...]

Very Excited to Finally try this Sour!

  So much Strawberry and Sour packed into this beer.  Very happy with how this turned out.  I also like the fact that they used Straw [...]

Silicon Valley Bike! Festival to Feature Santa Clara Valley Brewing Company this Sunday

  This weekend, the Silicon Valley Bike! Festival and show will kick off National Bike Month. There will be a judged competition for bi [...]

Brewcade to Open in San Francisco

Do you like old video games? What about craft beer? Do you wish there was a place you could enjoy both in the Bay Area? A new retro arcade t [...]

Hermitage Brewery holiday release party on 12/17 from 4-8pm

@hermitagebrews is having their boysenberry sour available on 12/17 as part of their holiday release party. I hope to see old and new friend [...]

Beer Kickstarter: uKeg Pressurized Growler – Ending Soon

There are only a few hours left to get this.  It looks like an amazing project. [...]

Congrats to Hopbox!

Hopbox reached their Kickstarter funding goal in one day! Congratulations! If you haven’t taken a look yet, go check it out! [...]

Beer Kickstarter: HopBox Handcrafted Home Brewing Kits

Do you need an excuse to get into homebrewing?  I personally got my start when my wife bought me a mid level homebrewing kit from MoreBeer [...]

Strike Brewery has launched a Kickstarter!

I have talked in the past about how strike brewery was creating their own brewery in San Jose that will be opening up in 2014.  As of this [...]

Pliny the Younger on 2/15 at Fibbar MaGees for SF Beer Week

Do you not want to stand in line for a taste of Pliny the Younger? Fibbar MaGees in Sunnyvale will have a keg of it this Saturday as part of [...]

Beerwalk Japantown 2014 this Saturday

It’s that time of year again:  Time for another Beerwalk!  This go around they will be down in Japantown in San Jose on February 8th [...]

2nd Annual Willow Glen Beerwalk this weekend!

This weekend in Willow Glen, the second annual Beerwalk will be happening in the downtown area.  20+ breweries will be in attendance to sho [...]
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