Brewcade to Open in San Francisco

Do you like old video games? What about craft beer? Do you wish there was a place you could enjoy both in the Bay Area? A new retro arcade t [...]

Hermitage Brewery holiday release party on 12/17 from 4-8pm

@hermitagebrews is having their boysenberry sour available on 12/17 as part of their holiday release party. I hope to see old and new friend [...]

Beer Kickstarter: uKeg Pressurized Growler – Ending Soon

There are only a few hours left to get this.  It looks like an amazing project. [...]

Congrats to Hopbox!

Hopbox reached their Kickstarter funding goal in one day! Congratulations! If you haven’t taken a look yet, go check it out! [...]

Beer Kickstarter: HopBox Handcrafted Home Brewing Kits

Do you need an excuse to get into homebrewing?  I personally got my start when my wife bought me a mid level homebrewing kit from MoreBeer [...]

Strike Brewery has launched a Kickstarter!

I have talked in the past about how strike brewery was creating their own brewery in San Jose that will be opening up in 2014.  As of this [...]

Pliny the Younger on 2/15 at Fibbar MaGees for SF Beer Week

Do you not want to stand in line for a taste of Pliny the Younger? Fibbar MaGees in Sunnyvale will have a keg of it this Saturday as part of [...]

Beerwalk Japantown 2014 this Saturday

It’s that time of year again:  Time for another Beerwalk!  This go around they will be down in Japantown in San Jose on February 8th [...]

2nd Annual Willow Glen Beerwalk this weekend!

This weekend in Willow Glen, the second annual Beerwalk will be happening in the downtown area.  20+ breweries will be in attendance to sho [...]

Strike Brewing Company to build production brewery in San Jose!

With the uptick in demand from Strike Brewing Company in the last 2 years, Strike Brewing Company will open a new brewery facility in San Jo [...]

Mountain View Oktoberfest Saturday Twitter Recap

Here is just a few tweets from people at today’s Oktoberfest in Mountain View. If you missed it, you can go Sunday from 10:00am to 6:0 [...]

Mountain View Oktoberfest this Weekend!

Do you have plans in the South Bay this weekend?   My friends over at Tied House and Steins Beer will be hosting Mountain View’s [...]

Beer Review 11: Drakes Aroma Coma IPA

In the last few months, it feels like I have had a lot of IPAs. It may be the fact that I live on the West Coast and that is what most of th [...]

This weekend: homebrewing

What are you doing this weekend? I decided that it would be a good weekend to make another batch of beer. This time, we are looking at makin [...]
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